Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Asian Brain Curriculum

Yesterday, I decide to learn seriously about Internet Marketing because I think its true that future business is online business, as Bill Gates said in his book "Business @ The Speed of Thought". Of course to win the battle we must prepared ourselves, people who so prepared will win, and in the business world, marketing is one of its ultimate weapon, and can be a secret weapon to win.

I dare to win the future battle, so I joined Asian Brain yesterday, I don't know maybe there is another Internet Marketing program better than Asian Brain, but I think one who will teach me is very influent and inspiring person alive, a world class mentor, Anne Ahira, so I joined to save my time, and I don't want be behind other people who already start studying Internet Marketing. I didn't want to lose this such great opportunity.

The curriculum of Asian Brain
Materi Bulan Ke-1
- Perkenalan: Bisnis Internet Marketing, Bisnis Masa Depan
- Panduan Belajar Affiliate Marketing Bagi Pemula
- Target Marketing
Materi Bulan Ke-2
- Strategi Mendapatkan Penghasilan dari Google AdSense
- Google AdSense Page Generator
Materi Bulan Ke-3
- Belajar SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Bagian I
- Belajar SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Bagian II
- Belajar SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Bagian III
- Strategi "Tag And Ping"
Materi Bulan Ke-4
- Bagaimana Membangun Sistem Follow Up yang Menjual
- Bagaimana Menulis Web Copy Yang Menjual
- Strategi Mendapatkan Penghasilan Tambahan Melalui Ezine Publishing
Materi Bulan Ke-5
- Berpromosi Lewat Pay Per Click Search Engine
- Strategi Promosi Lewat Google Adwords
- Cara Membuat Iklan Jitu Kurang Dari 15 Menit!

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