Monday, November 27, 2006

Begin of Rain Season

Its about to begin to rain season in Jakarta. Some hard rain falls in Jakarta last week, makes me wet and cold while I bike home. I don't have any preparation yet, since my wife have told me several times to bring rain coat or buy a new one.

The sky is not clear today, rain seems to be fall again. My wife reported that rain has been fall in Thamrin Area, Center of Jakarta.

Consider this before rain season begin:
  1. Check personal transportation: cars or motorcycles.
  2. Check home for leakage, check the electricity too.
  3. Check home environtment.
  4. Check weather report daily on newspaper or television or internet.
  5. Prepare your clothes.
  6. Buy health, vitamins, healthy food, don't be sick.. i wish
I hope the rain doesn't fall when we bike home this afternoon, we bring motorcycles today.
I hope Jakarta would not get flood this rain season.